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Signs of a Healthy Betta.




If you see some odd signs on your fish, like he's asking for cigars ;), you might want to check this chart that show the signs of a betta and if it is healthy or not.

Blue: HEALTHY       Green: UNHEALTHY

Betta is a pig when it comes to eating Betta is not eating or ties to eat its food, but spits it out
Is active and swims regularly Doesn't swim around and might lay on the bottom or stay at the top
Acts normal Tries to scratch him self, like darting around and running into things
Is colorful Is pale and/or losing color
Fins and tail are spread out Fins are clamped together, rotting and decaying
Body is smooth and clean Body has open sores, white patches or spots
Eyes are normal Eye(s) are swollen and big
Scales are normal Scales are puffed up and look like a pinecone
Belly is normal Belly is swollen or has a large lump on it

If one of the things in the UNHEALTHY columns happening to your fish, then you probably have a sick betta! Don't worry, help is on the way! Just go to the diseases page. If there is something wrong with your betta that isn't on the list, please e-mail me.

If none of the things in the UNHEALTHY are happening to your fish, then hurray! Your betta is a healthy dude! Great job! :)

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