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Betta Fish Care Sheet

Betta Fish Care Instructions.




Ok, so you have the betta in a bag on the counter, water sitting beside it, and a bunch of supplies on the floor. What next? Well, here are some Betta Fish Care Instructions.

Betta Fish Care Instructions

*= Need to have

1. Get the supplies before you buy the betta. i.e. You go to buy a fish and they have no conditioner! So that poor little betta will be in that bag (unless you phone a friend :)) until tomorrow. Supplies needed-
*Tank- A larger tank over a smaller one, 1 gallon should be minimum
*Tank materials- Filter, heater, rocks (you don't need these materials, but your betta will be happier), *betta conditioner
*Place to put tank- Don't have your betta somewhere that is moved around, vibrated, bumped, etc.
*Food- Bettas can be very picky when it comes to food
A net- Good to have, but not a need

2. Get the water ready. You can do this in 2 ways-
1. Place water in a container and let it warm/cool to room temp. for a few hours

2. Put water in a container and have a thermometer inside it to see if you need to cool it or heat it
Room temperature is usually 21-23ºC. Once water is ready, condition the water. The amount will vary with different conditioner.

3. Pour water into tank. If there is not enough water, just repeat step 2, however many times you need. If you have any rocks or decoration, just give them a rinse. Rocks might be harder to just "rinse", so put them in a bucket and just shake the bucket slightly. But don't shake the water everywhere or you will be one wet dude :)

The fourth step won't be the same for everyone. So if you have you betta in a bag, read this step. If your betta is in a cup, go to step 5.

4. Put your betta in the water when he is still in the bag. Leave him there for a few hours. This is called Floating. Your betta's bag may not fit in the top of tank, so just cut the top of the bag off and let some of the water out. DO NOT LET YOUR BETTA OUT!!! Then see if it can fit. You can also pour into a smaller bag. You do not have to Float your betta, but sometimes it is less stressful on the entry of your betta.

5. "Put your betta in the water when he is still in the bag. Leave him there for a few hours. This is called Floating." You can't really do that with a cup, so, what should you do? Well, you can transfer your betta into a bag so it will be able to float. Or you do not have to Float your betta, but sometimes it is less stressful for the entry of your betta.

6. When you have finished floating him, open the bag and tip the bag sideways and let him swim out on his own. Pouring him in is a really scary thing to do to your betta, so don't pour him out really fast. If you have to pour him out, make sure he doesn't have to travel through the air as long, by putting him close to the surface of the water.

7. Hurray! Your betta is in the tank! Well done! Now you do little things like
- Add a filter
- Add a light
- Feed him
- And anything else you can think of!
So now you have your betta all safe and happy, right? So now I will tell you a bit about aquarium salt
. I, personally, do not use it. Now, you may use it, and it may work. So please do not ask me about it because all I will say is that you can use it, but you don't have to. You can go ask someone at your pet store about it. A lot of aquarium salts have different things you have to do, so I can't help you, sorry.

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