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If you haven't already looked at the signs of a healthy betta page, then read that first. If you have, then please, keep reading

STOP!!! If you have a sick betta in with any other fish, take him/her out of that tank! He/she could pass his/her disease to other fish. If he/she is in a community tank than make sure that the other fish are not infected.

Ok, now for the actually diseases.

Just kidding! First the basic stuff.


If your betta is not eating then that isn't good! If your betta isn't eating, then he could be sick in many ways. Not eating can be one of the symptoms of many diseases.


Ok, so we all know that an inactive betta is a baaaaaaad thing! But! But it can be fixed! (hopefully!) This is just like the "not eating" symptom. It can be part of many diseases!

Now! Now, I will talk about the actual diseases ;)


INFO: This disease speaks for its self! (Remember, if you buy a pet store betta and it has short fins, to make sure it has naturally short fins or if its fins are rotting!) This disease is mainly caused by dirty water. This disease isn't very contagious, but if in a community tank or in a divided tank, it should be removed.(just in case!:))

SYMPTOMS: Well, you fish's fins or tail will be rotting (duh!) and may turn black or gray or brown or even red. You may find the fins on the bottom of the tank if you don't have a filter or if you have a weak filter. The betta may also be eating normal, or it might have lost it's appetite. It's fins may be clamped too. In the health chart, I mentioned that a betta might dart around trying to scratch himself.

HOW TO FIX: I currently have 2 bettas with it, so I heard to change the water and a medication called "Neosulfex". Keep the water very clean. Also, "Bettamax" is a medicine and it helps all kinds of fungus and may be good for fin/tail rot and other things. I am currently using it.

HOW TO PREVENT: Keep water clean and change water every so often. (Now, that doesn't mean you can change very year! Every week if it is small and has no filter and maybe 2 to 3 weeks for a larger tank with a filter. I've never had a REALLY big tank like 50-100 gallon, so you have to figure out when to change it yourself.:))



INFO: Eye(s) are swollen and/or red. It looks like its eyes are popping out of its head! It can get really bad looking and you might not want to look at your betta! It is also mainly caused by dirty water, so keep your tank clean, clean, clean! It is not usually fatal, but should be treated. It is contagious, so don't let him in any other tanks! (Even if he gives you "fishy eyes" ;))

SYMPTOMS: Well, he'll have gigantic eyes for one thing! He might also have rings around his eyes. He may not eat and be very inactive. That's all folks! :D

HOW TO FIX: Ok, like I said, bettamax is for fungus and infections, and Tetracycline which is very strong. For more info on Tetracycline, go to this page,which is not part of my site. Read the first few boxes.

HOW TO PREVENT: Once again, keep the water clean, clean, clean! Make sure to remove any uneaten food for it will build up ammonia which is toxic to you little betta friend :(



INFO: The most fatal disease. Very little is known about this disease except that is a killer. Some say it is contagious, some say it is not, but I wouldn't take any chances.

SYMPTOMS: The most common symptoms to look for are bloating and a large belly and puffed up scales. The scales become filled with fluid and spring out like a pinecone.

HOW TO FIX: There is no known cure, but keep water clean, and DO NOT have it near other bettas, because if it is contagious then you could pass it to another fish and begin to pass it on to other fish and so on.

HOW TO PREVENT: Once again keep the water clean, and also feed him proper nutrition.



INFO: It is ICHY!! Yes, it is the little evil disease of ick. It is VERY contagious so add the medication to the fish close/around to it.(Just in case) If you use frozen or live food, the food may carry ick.

SYMPYOMS: The first symptom is the dots. Wait! Ok now I got it. The first symptom is the dots. That's better. Larger or smaller dots will appear on your betta and it will look like your betta is sprinkled with salt. He may be less active, stop eating and fins may be clamped.

HOW TO FIX: Ick is a parasite, and is heat sensitive. I don't have much experience, so you might want to try somewhere else for this disease.

HOW TO PREVENT: If you add aquarium salt, it will almost never get ick. Live food that you feed to your bettas can also carry ich.


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