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Betta fish care FAQ

Q: What is a betta?

A: Well, I have to send you to this page.

Q: Why can't boys be kept with boys?

A: Male bettas are very aggressive toward their territory. They aren't mean, that's just the way they are. But, that does not mean that they can't be less aggressive than other bettas. Some bettas are calm and mellow. Other are EVIL!!! Some people think that bettas are that way because they are kept in small spaces and get all freaked out. But, I don't know.

Q: Can I keep two girls together?

A: Well, I've heard of people doing that, but I've also heard that can be aggressive too, some even make bubblenests! But, if you've done this before, then keep going!

Q: What is the life span of a betta fish?

A: A betta in a good home with a heater, filter, etc. may live longer then bettas in a small home that doesn't get water changes often. But, bettas may catch a disease, even in a large well kept home. A betta usually lives 2-5 years long when kept nicely and doesn't get a disease. There is no way to tell if your very healthy betta will catch a disease, unless-
-he is near a(some) betta(s) with a disease and the disease may spread
- the betta is exposed to things like paint fumes, perfumes, cleaner, etc.
-when you purchased the betta, the betta could already have a disease so it wasn't your fault
-when you purchased the betta, the betta may already be older

Q: Why is my betta yawning?

A: You know what? I don't know. I've read a bit of stuff about it's organs and stuff, but really, I don't know. Mine do it, Jellybean and Spots, and they are fine. So, you may want to look up more on that.

Q: What is a bubblenest?

A: A bubblenest is a nest made of bubbles (go figure) that the male betta makes for the female betta to lay her eggs in. They still make it when there isn't a female betta near or ever in their tank. Some bettas don't make bubblenests, and they have lived happy too. :)

Betta fish care faq are updated on a daily basis, so if you have a question, e-mail me.


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