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I want to help connect you with betta fish information, resources and supplies you may need. Whether you are researching betta fish care, or other tropical fish related things, you will find a bunch of resources to help you.

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When you saw him at the pet store you know you had to save him, and now you need to know how to care for your betta fish! You couldn’t help but buy the betta fish, seeing its beauty stuffed inside that little cup with no room to move. I don’t blame you; they are an absolutely beautiful fish. They look so crammed and lonely inside that little cup. You took the first step by taking him home and doing a really good thing for the little guy; now let’s just hope you continue to take care of him.

Taking care of anything is not nearly as easy as the pet store would make it seem. They buy betta in mass quantities, stick them in the little cups, and display them with the intention of selling them before anything bad happens. If one dies they just throw it out and they’ve already raised the price enough on the others to cover their losses. So believe me when I say you did a good thing. Now, on to caring for your betta.



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Well, the bettas are all good, Creamcicle is almost better. Not much to say...SO I'll just say...blah blah blah. :)

Bettas are good, Creamcicle is recovering...


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